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The proposed extension to Choate St, or Ring Road as it is also known is to be a new roadway to service Cameco near the waterfront of west beach. Many citizens have discussed with me their positions on this issue leading up the election.


Image taken from Cameco’s Vision in Motion.

The proposal is part of Cameco’s Vision in Motion plan which furthers the ongoing partnership between Cameco and MPH.


The Facts

  • Remediation efforts — the extent of which remain unknown — will impact how this project takes shape;
  • Per Cameco’s Vision In Motion, they will be surrendering the main pier to the municipality and increasing public access to the waterfront around the pier (green and aqua on the image); part of this agreement involves MPH providing to Cameco an increased footprint to consolidate their storage facilities (yellow and red on the image);
  • Cameco owns the land beside where the proposed road will be built;
  • Cameco has proposed to pay for the road installation and MPH would thereafter be responsible for its maintenance;
    • This is important as the final project may include areas for parking and public use;
  • Public consultation is advertised as part of the process of building this road and consultations are slated with the Municipality of Port Hope; if you want to know more, consider attending (see below);
  • The road is in the proposal stage, there is still opportunity to influence its development by sharing your concerns with the municipality (especially at one of their consultations about the road).

What is yet to be confirmed

  • The proposal exists in drawing form and surveys (e.g., engineering, environmental impact) are still forthcoming
  • Agreement from MPH on the proposal is needed before the build proceeds
  • Whether and how the proposal will affect beach health/ future design / and sustainability.

I attended an info session available to all candidates running for council to learn more about this proposal on Oct 4th. There, I found out more of the details related to this plan. Per the information above, much of how this road will look in the end is still in the planning stages. If you as a citizen want to make sure your ideas and priorities are considered as the proposal moves forward from the conceptual phase, it is critical that you become involved and let your perspective be heard.

Where I stand

Canadians have a funny relationship with waterfronts. Only in recent decades have we begun paying attention to how natural resources near our towns and cities are used for the public. Although many towns and cities are near water, those areas are too often undeveloped or underused. In general, I’d like to see us better use our waterfront in Port Hope, so I’m naturally curious about this proposal.


For my part, I want to see a solution that can respect the beachfront, and still provide Cameco with the necessary infrastructure and access to their facilities. As part of Vision in Motion, Cameco’s waterfront will be undergoing significant changes as they remain in and continue to contribute to Port Hope’s future. I’m set on making sure that outcomes work best for all parties. To be clear, this means paying particular attention to the forthcoming environmental assessment, the engineering reports, and continuing to look for design solutions that maximize public use of the space while working with Cameco.


Learn More

  • If you are interested in sharing your opinion, there is still time! A public consultation is slated for Oct 10, 6pm. Check back here for more information, or follow up with the Port Hope website.
  • If you want more information about what Cameco plans for their involvement in the waterfront, read their Vision in Motion plan.
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  • Thomas Fowler

    Miles: It is Choate Street. Choate Road is a different thoroughfare. Cheers, Thom

    • miles

      Thanks, Thomas! It’s been fixed!

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