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Why Run?

I love Port Hope. This town has so much at our doorstep: a picturesque downtown, delightful arts and entertainment, and heaps of historic and natural scenery! Port Hope is vibrant and filled with opportunity. But the best part about this town is its people. Port Hopers are dynamic, engaged, caring, and yes, unique. And they love to share what makes this town so great!

So many of Port Hope’s citizens are filled with optimism and an unwavering belief that this is a town on the rise. I feel it too; Port Hope has an incredible future! I want to be part of building that future as town councillor. And building up and sharing what makes this town great will take vision, work, and leadership.

  • A strong vision involves knowing where we want to go, and making it clear to everyone how we can get there together. Port Hope needs to make the rules clear for its citizens in order for the entire municipality to achieve our potential.
  • The hard work ahead involves all of us. Port Hope needs to leverage the best of our people’s skills and attract amazing new citizens.
  • Responsible leadership in municipal government means helping make things happen for our town by making connections, building relationships, and knowing when to get out of the way to help this town grow and flourish. Port Hope needs leaders who will stand up for big ideas that make a difference in this town.

So why run?     Because Port Hope is my Home, my Community, and my Future. And I believe, together we can make this town even better to build our Home, our Community, our Future to take Port Hope… Miles Ahead!

Miles over the Ganaraska

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Miles in 5 Points

Miles downtown
  • I work with people. I understand what makes people work the way they do. I have studied human behaviour and how we learn; what motivates us and holds us back; and how we fight and reconcile our differences.
  • I level the playing field. My work at Canadian universities has taught me how to listen to everyone’s perspective and to do what is necessary to provide the opportunity and access that they have asked for.
  • I deliver results. I have a PhD, I’m a published author and researcher, I’ve implemented policy that provides excellent services and protection for victimized groups, and as part of Critical Mass brought art initiatives to our municipality… and I’m a dad too!
  • I plan ahead. I have worked on strategic plans for the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and our local Critical Mass, as well as the City of Oshawa on staff engagement.
  • I’m not afraid of controversy. My work at UOIT involved sexual violence policy work and human rights advocacy at one of Canada’s most diverse universities, and my mediation training has taught me to carefully consider all sides.

More About Miles

  • Miles grew up on a farm in small town Saskatchewan, which means that Port Hope felt like home from moment one. Miles lives with his husband, Jason Schmidt, and they recently welcomed their son, Gus, into their growing family.
  • He loves ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, taking jumping photos and walking for coffee in downtown Port Hope. And yes, you may have seen him dressed as a Goose at a number of Port Hope events.
  • Miles moved to Port Hope 7 years ago when Jason became a partner at a local law firm. Jason has since opened up his own practice in Port Hope, Schmidt Law. Miles, meanwhile, worked at nearby Trent University before moving to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology where he currently works as the Strategic Planning Officer.
  • He has a PhD in behavioural neuroscience and specializes in human movement, gender and leadership.
  • During his time in Port Hope, Miles has volunteered for a number of community initiatives, including: being a board member for Critical Mass; the group fighting to save the buildings on the center pier; entering the Rotary Club’s Men Who Cook competition; the Port Hope Ratepayers’ Association; and twice being on the ACO house tour (for his house and for Jason’s office), and the Northumberland Garden Tour.
Miles and his family

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Spreading the word about my platform and where we can take Port Hope in the future, takes money and effort! You can help in three ways:

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Donation Rules:

  • max $1200 a person/ $5000 combined to all candidates per jurisdiction;
  • donations over $100 require recording an individual’s name and address, donations under $100 do not;
  • donations over $25 receive receipts; and
  • anonymous donations under $25 cash are allowed.

Donations cannot be accepted from corporations, or unions; groups/associations; or federal or provincial parties, riding associations or registered provincial or federal candidates.

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Miles on the Issues…

This series of posts is to let voters and volunteers know more about me. In these posts, I’ll write about leadership principles I have discovered from my work in the fields of human behaviour and performance for nearly two decades and share my thoughts on current issues raised by you the voter.


Ring Road

The proposed extension to Choate St, or Ring Road as it is also known is to be a new roadway to service Cameco near the waterfront of west beach. Many citizens have discussed with me their [...]



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Sidewalks are a recurring issue in municipal politics and here in Port Hope it’s no different. To better understand the issues, I’ve been walking around Port Hope and, as requested by citizens, [...]



I recently received a private message from an individual with an interest in our upcoming election. The message contained a homophobic message toward me specifically and fear-based misinformation [...]

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Thank  you for your interest in speaking with me. To allow the greatest number of people to join in the conversation about Port Hope’s future, I am trying to offer a variety of ways to speak with me. Stay tuned for updates, or reach out to me through Facebook or email below.

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Voting Info

  • Take part in democracy! All eligible citizens should remember to:
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  • Some candidates may also have Facebook pages. Look them up to find out more!

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